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Press Release

Attorney General to Continue to Seek Clarity on Effective Date Issue in the Courts

June 28, 2021

(Anchorage, AK) – Attorney General Treg Taylor announced today that he will continue with the lawsuit filed on June 21, 2021 seeking a court decision on the effective dates of legislation.

"While we are pleased that a government shutdown has been averted, the important legal question remains—does the operating budget need a July 1st effective date passed by two-thirds of each house? This has implications for years to come, and it is much better to decide the issue before it arises again in the future with another potential shutdown," said Attorney General Taylor. "Getting an answer before the budget process begins again next year would ensure that everyone knows the actual legal impact of failing to pass a July 1st effective date."

Oral Arguments on this matter are still scheduled for June 29 at noon, although the parties are currently discussing next steps.

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Department Media Contact: Assistant Attorney General Grace Lee.