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Press Release

Attorney General Issues Statement in Response to the Bundy Report

January 25, 2005

(Juneau) - Attorney General Gregg Renkes today issued the following statement in response to the outside report prepared by Robert Bundy:

I want to start out by saying how much I appreciate the support of Governor Murkowski, the support of the Cabinet members and legislators and the many prayers and words of encouragement my family and I received from Alaskans. I can't tell you how much it has meant to have the support of my wife Maureen and the comfort of my two young children throughout this ordeal.

I am grateful for my family and for the citizens of this state that this outside investigation is finally over.

I am thankful for the thorough job Mr. Bundy did to independently reach his conclusions of no ethical violations on my part, clearing me and the Office I hold of the unfair allegations promoted by the news media.

These allegations have been extremely painful because they unjustly and maliciously attacked my integrity. My personal financial interests did not present a conflict under our ethics laws. Mr. Bundy has concluded I did not use my office to benefit myself and my involvement in the Taiwan trade efforts were at the request and direction of the Governor. I simply did my job.

Like the CBS effort to attack the President, these false media claims were a deliberate attempt to use incomplete information and speculation aimed at putting doubt in the minds of Alaskans and derailing the Murkowski administration's commitment to resource development and jobs.

Mr. Bundy's investigation found that even though there was no conflict present, I should have sought an advisory opinion when the Governor asked me to help him. I agree, and I regret that I did not do so. If I had sought an opinion, it is now clear that it would have proven my activities at the direction of the Governor were consistent with the law. I made the mistake of being my own lawyer.

I am relieved this matter is behind me. As you know, I have already taken a number of actions to further address any questions in the future about my financial holdings. I placed my investment account in a blind trust. I believe I am the only official currently in state government to have a blind trust. This eliminates the possibility of questions about stock interests and my official activities in the future. I sold all my KFx stock and gave away all the profits I received from over four years of ownership of this stock to charity. These actions remove all doubt that I benefited financially.

Many Alaskans encouraged me to defend myself against these malicious accusations. It has been difficult to remain silent. I did so because silence was required for the process to maintain its integrity.

I thank Mr. Bundy for his thorough investigation and would also like to thank the people of Alaska for their patience. I am thankful the integrity of the office of the Attorney General has been maintained and my reputation restored.

# # #