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Your Agreement

You are visiting the website of the Alaska Department of Law (LAW). By visiting this site, you agree to these Terms, which are subject to change without notice.


This website may use cookies. You can configure your browser to notify you when cookies are being used or to block cookies.

The information we automatically collect includes the following: the network service provider (e.g., GCI or UAA), browser (e.g., Internet Explorer or Firefox), and operating system (e.g., Microsoft or OS X) used to access this website; the Internet address of the site from which you linked to this site (if you accessed this site via a link); the date and time that you accessed this site; and the pages that you visited and searches that you performed on this site. We use this information to improve the site.

The only personal information that we collect is what you submit to us. But, in certain circumstances—e.g., for law enforcement and in emergencies—we may take additional steps to identify you.

Any collected information is subject to retention and disclosure under State of Alaska (State) and federal laws, such as the State Records Management Act, AS 40.21.010—40.21.150, the Alaska Public Records Act, AS 40.25.100—40.25.295, and the Alaska Personal Information Protection Act, AS 45.48.010—45.48.590. The State may disclose information that is not protected under State or federal law.

For on-line credit card payments, you will be transferred to the secure server for Virtual Merchant, our third party vendor for accepting and processing on-line credit card payments. You will submit your personal information, such as your name, address, and credit card information, to Virtual Merchant's secure server. Virtual Merchant will transmit, via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, limited information back to us such as your name, payment amount, payment date, and the last 4 digits of your credit card number.

Refund of Payments

Payments submitted to the Department will be refunded only if:

  • The account is overpaid
  • The Department does not have an account for the payor

Monitoring and Security

For operational and security purposes (e.g., to prevent the corruption and deletion of data and unauthorized access to the State’s systems and information), the State monitors the use of this website.

Do not attempt to upload anything to, change anything on, or otherwise affect this website or to defeat or circumvent any security features. If you do, you may be subject to prosecution or to civil liability or both.

For security of on-line credit card payments, see Privacy section, above.

Proprietary Rights

To the maximum extent allowed by state, federal, and international law (e.g., copyright and trademark laws), all content—e.g., text, images (such as photographs and graphics), website code, software, and documents—on or accessible through this website is protected from unauthorized use. Accordingly, as the State reserves all proprietary rights, do not (except as permitted by law) in any way or for any purpose use—which in these Terms includes reproduce or alter—any content or documents accessed through this site without LAW’s express, written permission. (Do not assume that any content without such notice as “© Alaska Department of Law” is not protected.) The State does not authorize the use of frames to display this website, but you do not need authorization to link sites to any LAW webpage.

State seals, logos, and other official insignia may not be used in any way or for any purpose without express, written authorization.

For authorization or if you are uncertain whether authorization is required, contact LAW’s webmaster (at the email address below): identify yourself, the subject content, the source of the content (e.g., the web address (URL)), and the nature and extent (e.g., duration) of the intended use.

LAW posts or provides access to materials (e.g., photographs) that are owned by others and that are protected from unauthorized use by law (e.g., copyright law). To use these materials, you must obtain authorization directly from the persons who own or hold the rights to them.


Disclaimer of Representations and Warranties

The State provides this website for general informational purposes—not to provide legal, business, or other advice. Consult legal counsel before acting or refraining from acting based on the contents of, including documents on, this site.

The information on this website is provided on an “as is” basis. Neither the State nor any individual or entity affiliated with the State (“Affiliated Persons”), including anyone who contributed to the creation, operation, or maintenance of this website (including by posting any content or documents on this site), makes any kind of express or implied representations or warranties—including regarding (a) the non-infringement of proprietary or other third party rights, (b) title, (c) merchantability, (d) fitness for a particular purpose, or (e) freedom from computer viruses—regarding this site, or regarding the reliability (i.e., the accuracy and completeness) of any information or software on or accessed from this site. The State and any Affiliated Persons do not accept responsibility for any claims against or any kind of damages—including losses and expenses—incurred by anyone that may result from any use of this site or any linked site, including as a result of any computer viruses or errors or omissions in any information on or accessed from this site.


A reference on this website to any entities, ventures, products, processes, or services that are not owned, operated, or provided by the State does not constitute an endorsement.  A link to another website does not constitute an endorsement of anything on that site.


You agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the State and all Affiliated Persons from and against all claims—however arising and on any theory of liability (i.e., in contract, strict liability, or tort (including negligence))—and expenses, including attorney’s fees, arising from your use or anyone’s use on your behalf of this site or its content.


This website is controlled by LAW from its offices in the State of Alaska, United States of America. All matters regarding, including any disputes arising from, your or anyone else’s use of this website shall be governed by the laws of the State of Alaska and the United States and resolved in a state or federal court in Anchorage, Alaska.


The State of Alaska is committed to serving all Alaskans. Using the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0, Level AA as our guide, we continue to improve our content and services to make our websites more accessible to everyone. We want our content and services to be easy to access. If you have trouble using our website, please contact LAW’s webmaster at for help. We may be able to offer an alternative format or to update our content to make it more accessible to you and others. If possible, provide the web address (URL) of the content you are having trouble accessing and a brief description of the requested material.

Department ADA Coordinator

Karen White
P.O. Box 110300
Juneau, AK 99811-0300
tel: 907-269-5243, TTY: 907-258-9161
fax: 907-276-3697
Alaska ADA Coordinator's Office

To learn more about the State’s work to increase the accessibility of its online content, visit the following links:

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For assistance or to report any errors or omissions in this website, contact LAW at (907) 269-5100 or