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Press Release

Prosecutor Obtains More Convictions of Repeat Sex Offenders

November 9, 2010

Anchorage, Alaska - An Alaska state prosecutor recently obtained two convictions of repeat sex offenders under a law that calls for mandatory 99-year prison sentences for the worst of these crimes. These are the seventh and eighth successful prosecutions under this 99-year sentencing law within the past six months.

Deputy Attorney General Rick Svobodny congratulated Joe Kovac of the Anchorage District Attorney’s Office for obtaining convictions for Victor Olson and Lennie Lane, who are scheduled for sentencing early next year.

“This string of convictions, which exposes offenders to a mandatory 99-year prison sentence, demonstrates that we remain focused on aggressively tackling Alaska’s egregious rates of domestic violence and sexual abuse,” said Svobodny.

Olson was convicted of attempted sexual assault in the second degree based upon testimony that he attempted to sexually assault a three year-old child.  Olson had two prior convictions related to sexual abuse of a minor.

Lane was convicted of sexual assault in the first degree and the second degree, and tampering with physical evidence, in a case involving a brutal beating and rape of a woman in December 2008.  Lane has three prior convictions, two for rape and one for attempted rape.

The jury in the recent case was informed of Lane’s prior convictions, although not of the circumstances.

“The governor’s 10-year plan to end Alaska’s epidemic of sexual assault and domestic violence has many elements, including strengthening prevention, augmenting victim services, and increasing the presence of law enforcement in rural communities. But an important element of this strategy is also to ensure that perpetrators are held accountable,” said Attorney General Dan Sullivan. “Convictions such as these are crucial in order to bring justice to victims and to deter others from committing these heinous crimes.”

Kovac expressed gratitude for the assistance of paralegal Jovelyn DeLuna during the two recent trials, which required extensive work in locating and preparing numerous witnesses to testify.

For more information, please contact Susan McLean, Department of Law, (907) 269-6379.

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