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Press Release

Meron Emahazien Sentenced for Unalaska Vehicle Theft

June 23, 2017

Today, Kodiak Superior Court Steve Cole sentenced 29 year old Meron Emahazien to spend 18 months in prison for stealing a vehicle from his employer in 2016. An Unalaska jury convicted Emahazien of vehicle theft in the first degree on November 15, 2016.

The evidence presented at trial showed that on June 4, 2016, officers from the Unalaska Police Department responded to a report of a vehicle which had been stolen at the Unisea facility in Unalaska. Officers found a pickup truck parked near a Unisea building. The pickup suffered significant damage. Unisea employees initially did not know who had taken the pickup but surveillance video later revealed Emahazien had stolen it. Emahazien was contacted several hours later. Emahazien was intoxicated and admitted he had consumed alcohol before taking the vehicle.

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