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Press Release

Dustin Badillo Sentenced to 127 Years in Prison

August 18, 2017

(ANCHORAGE, Alaska) On Friday, August 18, 2017, Superior Court Judge Kevin Saxby sentenced 23 year old Dustin Badillo to serve a total of 127 years in prison for a series of crimes spree which occurred in April 2015. Following a four-week trial, Badillo was convicted of 20 counts, including three counts of kidnapping, one count each of sexual assault in the first and second degree, nine counts of robbery in the first degree, three counts of burglary, one count of vehicle theft in the first degree, one count of assault in the third degree and one count of misconduct involving a weapon in the third degree for possessing a gun as a felon.

On April 22, 2015, Dustin Badillo entered the garage of a residence while a woman was buckling her two small children into their car seats. Badillo pointed a gun at the woman and demanded that she enter her home with him, leaving her children in the vehicle. Once inside, Badillo burglarized the residence and sexually assaulted the woman on two occasions. Badillo also burglarized an attached but separate residence. Badillo then forced the woman to drive him to a gas station and withdraw money from the ATM. Over the course of several hours, Badillo drove the woman and her small children to numerous locations where he forced her to withdraw money from ATMs and bank accounts, as well as to purchase items for Badillo, all while her children remained alone in the vehicle. Badillo eventually allowed the woman and her children to leave the vehicle. She immediately reported the incident to police, who quickly began a citywide hunt for the individual, later identified as Badillo.

The following day, a woman, along with her two children and the woman’s father, returned to their residence at the end of a workday. They saw an unknown male run from the residence and flee down an alleyway. When the woman and her father attempted to confront the male, he pointed a gun at them and fled. Anchorage Police responded and arrested Badillo after he tried to flee.

At the sentencing hearing, Judge Saxby heard statements from four of the victims. In imposing the sentence, Judge Saxby noted Badillo’s decisions to exploit a mother who was focused on her motherly duties. Judge Saxby additionally emphasized the number of victims involved and the fact that Badillo committed a crime spree over two days that resulted in twenty convictions. He noted the impact of the crimes on the victims and the danger he posed to the public.

Judge Saxby sentenced Badillo to an additional 10 years of suspended time and placed him on probation for 10 years if he is ever released from custody. Badillo will be required to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life.

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