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Press Release

Four Assistant District Attorneys from Alaska Awarded Scholarships to Attend National Training Conference Addressing Violent Crimes Against Women

April 12, 2018

(Anchorage, AK) – Hundreds of members of law enforcement, prosecutors, and victim advocates from across the nation who work with female victims of crime have been awarded scholarships to participate in the thirteenth annual Conference on Crimes Against Women (CCAW). The scholarships provide access to critical training for communities who would otherwise be unable to attend due to increasing budget constraints faced by public service agencies. Presented by Genesis Women’s Shelter & Support, and the Dallas Police Department, CCAW is a national clearinghouse for training and best practices regarding the identification, investigation, and prosecution of all types of violent crimes against women, including domestic and dating violence, sexual assault, stalking, and human trafficking. This year the conference will welcome professionals from all 50 states. Hosted in Dallas, Texas, the 2018 conference will be held April 16th through 19th.

We are thrilled to announce that the Criminal Division of the Alaska Attorney General's Office has been selected as a 2018 scholarship recipient to attend the annual Conference on Crimes Against Women. The conference promotes strategies that improve public safety and support victims of crime across the nation. Classes are taught at CCAW with the intention of not only educating attendees, but also equipping them with the necessary tools to convey information to their departments and colleagues, thereby systematically improving agencies and increasing collective skill and competency levels.

More than one in three women will experience abuse during her lifetime. One in four women will be the victim of an attempted or completed sexual assault. The conference curriculum focuses exclusively on women and girls who come from all ethnicities, cultures, and socio-economic backgrounds. Due to tremendous safety implications, the often-repeated trauma that victims have suffered, and the intimate, private nature of these crimes, victims require the highest level of sensitive and skilled assistance by every professional that comes into contact with them. CCAW simultaneously addresses traditionally underserved women and girls—indigent, tribal, minorities, the disabled, and those who face other unique barriers to safety and self-sufficiency—who require an added layer of understanding of the multitude of challenges that they face on their road to physical and emotional safety and wellbeing.

About the Conference on Crimes Against Women:

A primary part of our mission is to improve the way crimes against women are investigated and prosecuted, as well as to improve the way victims are treated throughout the criminal justice system. Conferences like CCAW create the momentum and the network to allow for the culture shifts necessary to end the epidemic of violence against women. For additional information about the Conference, please visit

About Genesis Women’s Shelter & Support:

Since its founding in 1985, Genesis Women’s Shelter & Support has been committed to providing quality safety and shelter to battered women and their children through crisis intervention and short-term crisis therapeutics, and to reduce the occurrence of violence against women and children in the greater Dallas area. Genesis is also committed to raising the level of community awareness regarding the pervasiveness and effects of domestic violence. For additional information about Genesis Women’s Shelter & Support, please visit

CONTACT: Susie Frenzel, Victim Witness Program Coordinator,

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