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Press Release

Attorney General Warns of Phishing Scam Involving Alaska USA Federal Credit Union

February 12, 2020

(Anchorage, AK) – Alaska Attorney General Kevin G. Clarkson warns of a phishing scam affecting Alaskans, with scammers pretending to be from Alaska USA Federal Credit Union. The scammers send a text message or email claiming the recipient’s account has been suspended, and that the recipient must click on a link that will take them to a webpage to reactivate their account.

The text message or email may look legitimate, but it is not. The scammers are trying to steal your money and your identity. Do not click on the link or provide any personal information.

Phishing scams where the scammer claims to be from a familiar company are common. In recent years, scammers have sent phishing emails and text messages pretending to be from well-known companies such as Netflix, Amazon, and VISA.

Here is what you need to know:

  • Alaska USA Federal Credit Union will never contact you by text message or email asking you to click a link to reactive your account.
  • If you receive an unexpected text message or email from any company that asks you to click a link or provide personal information, do not click the link or respond. Instead, call the company at their publicly available and advertised phone number or visit the company in person.
  • If you have already responded to the Alaska USA phishing scam you should call the Alaska USA Member Service Center at (800) 525-9094, and visit where you can report and recover from identity theft.

Attorney General Clarkson states, “Scammers are good at mimicking trusted businesses. We all have to be vigilant in protecting our personal information, and in reporting suspected scams to the authorities.” He urges anyone with concerns or information about such scams to contact the Department of Law Consumer Protection office at 907.269.5200.

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Department Media Contact: Assistant Attorney General Maria Bahr at (907) 269-5285 or