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Press Release

Juneau Man Sentenced for 1999-2001 and 2015 Sexual Assaults

July 15, 2021

(Juneau, AK) – On July 13, 2021, Juneau Superior court Judge Daniel Schally sentenced 60-year-old John Scott to a composite sentence of 17 years with 13.5 years suspended for Sexual Assault in the Second Degree and Sexual Assault in the Third Degree. The sentence was the result of a negotiated agreement between the State and Mr. Scott.

This case was prosecuted by Bailey Woolfstead from the Office of Special Prosecution’s Rural Prosecution Unit. The convictions against Mr. Scott were related to events that occurred between 1999-2001 for one victim and in 2015 for a second victim. Both victims were teenagers employed by Mr. Scott at Pep’s Packing, a fish packing planned owned by Mr. Scott and his wife. Mr. Scott engaged in repeated sexual harassment and assault of the victims during the course of their employ.

Mr. Scott was remanded to the Department of Corrections. The earlier charges for Sexual Assault in the Second Degree fell under the pre-2006 sentencing scheme where Mr. Scott was facing 0-10 years. The sentencing range for Sexual Assault in the Third Degree fell under the current sentencing scheme of 2-12 years with a maximum of 99 years. Mr. Scott admitted to the aggravating factors that the offenses were the most serious within their class and that he engaged in repeated similar conduct with the same or other victims.

“This conviction and this sentence show that people who engage in sexual assault will be held accountable for their actions,” said Assistant Attorney General Woolfstead.

CONTACT: Assistant Attorney General Bailey Woolfstead at (907) 465-3924 or

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Department Media Contact: Assistant Attorney General Grace Lee.