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Tax Season Tips: Avoid Fraud and Find Free Tax Help

Learn About Tax ID Theft

Tax identity theft is quickly becoming the most common type of ID theft. It involves someone using your social security number to file a tax return with the IRS before you do to claim a fraudulent refund. If you receive notice from the IRS that someone has already filed a return using your social security number, or your tax records list employers you do not recognize, contact the IRS right away and take steps to prevent ID thieves from using your personal information in other ways.

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Learn About IRS Impersonation Scams

Scammers who are pretending to be IRS agents have been calling Alaska residents to demand payments. The scammers, who use fake names and IRS badge numbers, often know personal information about the people they call and threaten to have people arrested or thrown in jail if they do not pay. If you receive a phone call from someone claiming to be an IRS agent demanding payment in any form, hang up the phone. The IRS never calls taxpayers over the phone to request payment.

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Find Free Tax Help

Certified tax preparers are providing free tax return preparation services to Alaskans with low to moderate incomes at scheduled events throughout the state and online through April 15.

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Learn More About the IRS Taxpayer Advocate Service

The Taxpayer Advocate Service is an independent organization within the IRS that helps taxpayers resolve IRS problems.

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January 2015