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Press Release

Anchorage Man Sentenced to Ninty-Nine Years for Murder of Anchorage Business Owner

April 23, 2021

(Anchorage, AK) – On April 22, 2021, thirty-one year-old Randall Igou was sentenced by Superior Court Judge Eric Aarseth for Murder in the First Degree.  Igou pleaded guilty on November 5, 2020 to the September 10, 2017 murder of Aurora Paint Company co-owner Gregory Gill.

At the sentencing hearing, the State presented video evidence that showed that Igou was  at the Aurora Paint Company for less than two minutes.  In those two minutes, Igou shot Mr. Gill, stole the business cash box, and calmly drove away in Mr. Gill’s car.  Igou was arrested the next day in Cheney Lake, after he ran into the lake and dropped his gun and ammunition in the lake while fleeing police.  Judge Aarseth also heard from Mr. Gill’s family who described him as a warm and loving man who enjoyed spending time with his family.  The Judge heard how Mr. Gill would go out of his way to help others and give people a second chance.  Igou made a statement and told Judge Aarseth that he was ashamed of himself, said that he committed the murder because of his drug use, and apologized to the Gill family.

Judge Aarseth sentenced Igou, a previously convicted felon, for the conviction of Murder in the First Degree to ninety-nine years to serve with thirty-four years suspended and placed him on probation for ten years.  Judge Aarseth held that protection of the community, community condemnation, and isolation of Igou were critical factors in reaching this sentence.  Judge Aarseth stressed that people must be able to feel safe living and working in their community. 

CONTACT: Assistant Attorney General Larry Monsma at (907) 269-6250 or

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Department Media Contact: Assistant Attorney General Maria Bahr or Assistant Attorney General Charlotte Rand.