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Press Release

Daniel Gadomski AKA "Just Danny" Sentenced to 35 Years for 2015 Black Angus Inn Sexual Assault

April 30, 2021

(Anchorage, AK) – On April 30, 2021, Judge Frank Pfiffner sentenced Daniel Gadomski to a maximum sentence of 40 years with 5 suspended for the crimes of Sexual Assault in the First Degree and Assault in the Second Degree.  The charges stemmed from a sexual assault and strangulation that Gadomski committed on June 2, 2015 at the Black Angus Inn. The case was reported to law enforcement when the victim ran from Gadomski’s room partially undressed and battered from the assault.  The case was tried to an Anchorage jury in 2019, and originally set for sentencing just before the pandemic.  The sentencing had to be continued numerous times due to COVID 19 court closures.  Between the crime and the trial, Daniel Gadomski fled state.  He later petitioned to change his name officially to “Just Danny.” 

In his sentencing remarks, Judge Pfiffner found that the sexual assault was “violent and heinous.”  He called Gadomski’s crime “senseless.” Judge Pfiffner emphasized the lasting effects of the trauma on the victim, noting that she was particularly vulnerable at the time of the assault due to her status as homeless and intoxicated.  He hoped that this conviction and sentence would let her know that she was a “person of worth and value.”  The court noted Gadomski’s lifetime of criminal behavior and his lack of real prospects for rehabilitation.  In issuing his sentence Judge Pfiffner emphasized the prevalence of sexual assault in Alaska and the community condemnation for these crimes. 

The case was investigated by the Anchorage Police Department Detective Christopher Thomas and tried by Anchorage District Attorney Brittany Dunlop.

CONTACT: Anchorage District Attorney Brittany Dunlop at (907) 269-6300 or

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Department Media Contact: Assistant Attorney General Charlotte Rand.